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Atypical contracts, how many?

Vexed ques which Veneto Lavoro in the number of "measures" of January / 2012 responds in this way: On the number of types of contracts, there is a vulgate that tends to exaggerate: according to the Corriere della Sera (p. 6) of 30 December, the types of non-standard contracts in Italy are 34; Done daily on January 3, 2012 are [...]

Here you kill a cut in the budget

The more I hear the song of Arnald, the more I believe it's a great copywiter and lyricist. The text is undoubtedly a meaningful and intelligent writing exercise, before anything else (a musical challenge, a public provocation, an example of viral communication ...). It is worth re-reading this beautiful text: Unlike busy. In your mind [...]

Pensions, women and universal cargiving

From Europe, we do know that the time has come to put a register the retirement age for women, and that: Italy Had the highest public pension spending of OECD countries ... That Legislated changes would have increased At the pension age and reduced benefits to increased At Reflect life expectancy Have Been postponed ... Anyone interested in the question there is a wide availability in [...]

More so atypical of

INPS also comes confirmation of the trend of growth of atypical employment. While enrolled in the Common Management increased 1% year on year (between 2007 and 2008), and VAT account for the Separate Account are talking about an increase of 4.5%. These data from the last Social Security Report 2009 presented yesterday. Here are some materials [...]

Nerve endings

First experiments circumnavigation of the Reformation Damiano on futures. Li scored the Pfizer, which does not assume the precarious completed after 3 years. Some time ago we wrote that it would end this way and that escaped from the infernal circle of insecurity three years (three years since then and not 2,5 or 20 months? ... Who knows) would [...]

Every job is atypical

Maybe he titrated so Safran Foer's article today on Michele Tiraboschi Sole 24 Ore (PDF) - which in my opinion is not very decent to absolute lack of INPS data to substantiate the thesis expressed, and other details - in which the labor law , quoting the Minister Sacconi, said: "No work is inherently impractical to [...]

A representation of the fishing industry consultants

So Silvia on Knowledge Work: [...] the subspecies of consultants is made up of various races. There are consultants to the project, which live as long as the project can be found in nature, then perhaps you nourish it with another project. They are the most and the ones that jump first. Then there are those in VAT, [...]

Appointment in Rome with the VAT

Stumble Upon the initiative organized by Giulio Marini, often via cross-blog on the site of SA-LA (Job Knowledge), dedicated to the VAT numbers of the second generation. It takes place in Rome, Saturday, March 15th (in the afternoon). Topic of discussion: "VAT registration, social security and social assistance policies." Location: Lazio Region, Room Aniene. For more info [details on schedules, etc..], [...]

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